This brilliant collection of new classics for wind quintet by American composers Eric Ewazen, John Steinmetz and Miguel del Agulia.

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The American Record Guide

“The Borealis Wind Quintet has a sound that is extraordinarily well blended. The compositions on the disc are all congenial and easy to listen to. Eric Ewazen’s “Roaring Fork Quintet” is an example of lively neo-classicism, well written for the instruments, while John Steinmetz’s “Quintet” is darker, with a wider range of color and harmony than the Ewazen. Finally, Miguel del Aguila’s “Second Quintet” is a sometimes laconic, always listenable piece, with a lively Caribbean dance-influenced second movement and a dark, brooding third movement. Fans of the woodwind quintet will want to hear this disc.”

Fanfare Magazine

“Entitled “Discoveries”, this is an enticing collection of new music for wind quintet, beautifully played by this American ensemble founded in 1976. All three pieces are written in a straight-ahead tonality that should appeal to the most conservative of listeners, and yet there is an elegance and thoughtfulness in all three works that should not offend more adventuresome ears.”

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