About the Quintet

The Borealis Wind Quintet was formed in 1976 at the Juilliard School of Music. The five members enjoyed a love of music, friendship and a goal to make the best music possible. These elements have defined the essence of Borealis for over 30 years. One of America’s most successful chamber ensembles, Borealis continues to share the passion for music and the determination to present the highest quality musical performances, new repertoire, recordings, editions and musical education.

The Grammy nominated ensemble has earned a well deserved reputation for giving performances with great artistic expression, musical integrity and technical virtuosity. The choice of repertoire reflects the group’s artistic personality and their enjoyment of performing. Through its long history, Borealis has developed an insight into audience reaction and crafts their programming not only to give audiences significant intellectual and emotional content but to further enjoy the performances with lively verbal program notes, surprise musical gems and warm interaction.